We are a small indie game studio located in the heart of Aalborg

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The story of ALL CAPS starts at Aalborg University, where a small group of students were working on a game-related project. During the project, a prototype for what was later to become Block Amok was created, and it ended up being far more entertaining than we had anticipated. In our spare time, the game grew both in scope and polish, and it became obvious to us that we were onto something special. At a small game conference in 2012, we met with an investor that agreed on the great potential of the game, and in March 2013, ALL CAPS was founded and officially started working on Block Amok full-time. After a fair amount of blood, sweat and cola, the game was launched in the early weeks of 2015 in a collaboration with an Israeli publisher.

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ALL CAPS about us
ALL CAPS about us
ALL CAPS about us